Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My new camera

The best Christmas gift that I received this Christmas was a new camera. It is a great camera and takes really wonderful pictures. I was so very excited to receive this camera because now I can take pictures of my knitted items and post them on Ravelry and here on my blog. It takes much better pictures than my cell phone. And it does really neat things too, like cropping the subject before taking the picture. I was so happy with this camera that I immediately began taking pictures with it. I bought an SD card and carried that camera around with me everywhere taking lots and lots of pictures. It isn't a rechargeable camera, though. It takes 4-AA batteries, and it has a little compartment where the batteries and the SD card go. Not long after the New Year, I hooked the camera up to the computer and downloaded the pictures that I had taken while "playing around" with the camera. I then unhooked it from the computer, turned around, and DROPPED my brand new camera, my favorite Christmas gift. Son of a BITCH I though (or probably yelled) - please don't let it be broken. I picked it up. It was all still in one piece. The lens was still there and not broken - that's good - but the batteries were scattered across the floor. I gathered them up and re-inserted them into the little compartment. Then I closed the compartment and pushed the power button. Nothing. Crap. Am I really going to have to tell my husband that I broke the gift he got me? I couldn't understand why it wouldn't come on. My daughter, who had watched all of this happen, said, "the door's not closed." Oh, I thought I had closed it. Ok. Close it again. The door would not stay closed. The teeniniest piece of plastic that serves as the latch on this truly awesome camera had broken off thereby not latching the door and not holding the batteries in. I shed a few tears and set the camera aside. Then I told my husband about it when he got home. He looked at it and couldn't fix it any more than I could when I had looked at it two hours earlier. So the next day he called the company and told them about it then packed the camera up and sent it back to them.
For the last six weeks I hae been berating myself for being so stupid and careless with a gift that I was so excited to receive. There have been many times that I have wanted to use that camera in those weeks. I have finished several knitting projects and just have not been able to bring myself to take pictures of them with my cell phone because if I hadn't been so stupid, I could be taking pictures with my camera. Sigh.
But it is all better now, because yesterday the mailman brought me a replacement camera! It is exactly the same as the one I had gotten for Christmas, and I cannot wait to start using it!

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