Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Socks, a Scarf, and Some Yarn

It's been far too long since I've posted. I've got so much to post about that I hardly know where to start. I took pictures of DD wearing her convertible:
It looks so much better on her than it did on me in my REO Speedwagon t-shirt.

I also finished the purple socks. Way back on July 9th. Boy I am behind.

A couple of days ago I got in some great yarn from Cables and Lace! Poe Collection, Fall of the House of Usher.

And yesterday I finally finished my possum yarn scarf. This was some great yarn that I had received in a swap. My swap partner was from New Zealand, and they are known for their possum yarn. I was so excited about it because I had been discussing possum yarn with friends of mine prior to that and was even actually considering trying to find a way to procure some for myself. When I scored it in a swap, I was beyond excited. I held onto it for a long time trying to find the perfect project to do with it, and I think I succeeded. This scarf looks great if I do say so myself.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Convertible is Finished (completely)

DH went to WalMart yesterday. I sent him with specs on shank buttons and jump or split rings. He found the buttons but couldn't find the rings. He called and I told him to just buy some jewelry wire. He got home with great buttons, and I had to figure out how to connect the buttons to each other with the jewelry wire. Of course I couldn't find needle-nosed pliers anywhere around the house. I know we have them, I just couldn't find them. It really is time to straighten up. Anyway, I got them connected. The ends are woven in, the buttons are put together, and Convertible is ready to go!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Convertible is Finished (well almost...)

So the Convertible for Coryn is finished being knitted. It does need to be blocked, and I need to buy buttons and sew them on it. But other than those other minor little details, it is finis.
Ok, I listen to a lot of knitting podcasts, and I read a lot of knitting magazines. I've heard and read a lot of people discuss their preferences of charts vs. written instructions. I always thought to myself, "Eh, I can do it either way," because I have done it both ways. I've followed written instructions, and I've followed charts. This evening; however, I discovered that I do have a preference. I'm working on the Opulent Raglan from the Fall 2008 issue of KnitScene. The instructions are written out, but they are not written out line by line. Most of the time, that is not a problem. You know, Knit in st stitch until the body is x inches, etc. But this pattern also includes a cable in there, that is not written out. It isn't a difficult cable, it only crosses on the 13th and 19th round, but I found that I was very confused by this pattern. I trucked my little (ok, BIG) bootie over to the computer and created a cable chart for that pattern. Not so self-righteous now, are we, hmm?