Monday, June 29, 2009

OnGoing Projects

I thought perhaps I needed to write down a list of all of my projects that I am currently working on. The one project that I am still carrying around with me but that I haven't actually done anything on in quite a while is my possum yarn scarf. I AM going to finish this for 2 -no -3 reasons: It is a Gorgeous color, I love the cable in it, and DUDE, it's Possum Yarn! Okay, it's been on a back burner, but it is still being dragged around with me. Then there are the seemingly never ending socks. They seem to others to be never ending, but that is because I only pull them out and work on them at knit night. At home I am working on other more bulky items that I don't want to pack up and haul around with me.
At home I am currently working on a convertible shawl for my daughter who always seems to be cold, an opulent raglan sweater for myself, a linen jacket for myself, and a pair of toe-up socks for myself. The socks are small enough to carry around with me, but they are being done on size 00 needles, and I kind of need meticulous concentration for that. I may bring them some day. I have also just started a steering wheel cover because I am tired of blistering the palms of my hands on my steering wheel in my car when I get in it in the early afternoon heat. I'm convinced it has to be at least 120 degrees inside the car when it is so hot outside.

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