Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog Bones

I bought Tank a pack of those raw hide bones the other day. It was a pack of 3, and they are about 7 inches long. He's a 7 month old boxer, so they seem to be just about the right size for him. He ate the first one in the space of about 30 minutes. Just laid right on the floor and ate the whole thing. Then he wanted another. I was a little unsure about it, but I went ahead and let him have it, fully prepared to take it away if it seemed as though he was going to eat that one too. He didn't. He has been carrying it around the house with him for the last three days looking for a place to bury it. He's been really funny about it. He carries it up onto the bed, scratches at the edge of the bed (where the bed & the wall meet), sets his bone down, then tries really hard to push the covers up over it. Or he'll bring it up onto the couch, scratch at the edge of the cushion, push his bone down between the cushion & the back (or arm) of the couch, and try like hell to cover it back up. He did manage to "bury" it beneath some couch pillows today and ignore it for a little while, but when someone moved the pillows, he had to go get it. He has moved it from place to place all over the house for three days. And I have laughed at him over it. Today I finally felt sorry for him. He was outside attached to his tie-up line whining because he wanted to come back in the house, but I kept telling him that he is a dog, and that he can spend some time outside without actually dying. So I got the third bone out of the pack and brought it outside to him. Then I stood at the window and watched him. First he played with it. He was so excited just to have his bone outside! He would throw it up in the air and chase after it, then he would bark at it and throw it up in the air again. Then he picked it up and carried it around for a while, just walking around and around with it in his mouth. Then he realized that he was outside, and that there was dirt there, that stuff that he normally just digs in for no reason. Now he could dig in it and put his bone in the hole that he dug! So he started trying to bury his bone. He tried by one tree, then by another, then by the patio, then out in the yard. He could dig the hole, but either not dig it deep enough or wide enough or not be able to fill it back in afterward. This went on for a while. Then he saw me watching him. He stopped digging long enough to bark at me. I guess he didn't want me seeing where he was hiding his bone. I faked him out and pretended to leave, but I came back and saw him digging another hole near the edge of the patio. He wasn't taking chances either, he was really digging. He got a good sized hole, put his bone in, and covered it back up. Then he went and laid down in the sun. He was tired, after all. That was a lot of work. Don't worry, though, I won't let on that I know where his bone is buried.

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  1. I laughed at your dog post. I've got two dogs. The younger one, (8 yrs younger) trys like heck to keep the older one from getting his bones or stuffed toys given to HIM specifically.
    He runs around the house doing the same thing. When he noticed me watching, he immediately dug the bone back up (out of couch cushions) so I wouldn't know his spot. lol
    They are hilarious to watch. I'd sure love to know what they are thinking when they are in this crazy mindset.